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"Eddie was great! Eddie's greatest strengths are his helpfulness, honesty, and technical capability. I will continue giving Shell my auto repair business while people like Eddie are still there! There are many stories I can share. One story - Eddie came out to my house to help start my Honda Accord! It shows Eddie's level of commitment to customer service."
Happy Honda Owner

"I moved to Leesburg on November 30 of this year and planned to take my car to Leesburg Plaza Shell for services and repairs, for I remembered the quality service received in 2008. Some weeks before moving, my 97 Honda was diagnosed with a leaking water pump. This meant replacement of the timing belt as well. So I decided to get a second opinion. Soon after the move, the radiator overheated. Rather than choose the nearest service, I refilled the radiator and travelled fifteen miles to Leesburg where Eddie Crist assessed the problem: no evidence of a leaking water pump; radiator and hose leak are the culprits. Eddie Crist is a highly qualified, experienced and complete mechanic. He is a straight-shooter and fine human being. When I need car repair and service, I will choose Eddie Crist and the people at Leesburg Plaza Shell. John Hayes"
John Hayes
Mr. Fortunate

"My daughter in law ran out of gas near your station, during our recent snow storm, and was crying. The nearby station would not let me provide my credit card number over the phone. I called you and you would have been able to do that for us. It turned out that a kind customer in theother station showed his Christmas cheer and paid for her gas. But, you were willing too and we REALLY appreciated it. Thanks and happy holidays."

"I want to take this opportunity to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Plaza Shell and Eddie for the OUTSTANDING service provided to me every time I have brought my car in for maintenance. A dear friend of mine who is a mechanic, but lives too far away for me to use, highly recommended Plaza Shell and Eddie as a business and professional I can always TRUST to do a - GREAT job and to charge a FAIR price for services rendered. My car was due for a bumper-to-bumper, 60,000-mile check. I called the dealer and asked what they charged for this service. I was told there was an initial $500.00 fee to completely check the car over and any required repairs would be additional charges based on the services provided. Immediately I called and talked with Eddie to find out what Plaza Shell would charge for the same service. I was totally blown away when Eddie told me there was no charge for completely checking the car over; I would only be charged for any repairs needed."
Angela Wenzel

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