At Leesburg Plaza Shell, we pride ourselves in the excellent vehicle maintenance services we provide in Leesburg, Virginia. We invite you to take a look at our customer testimonials. If you have had a good experience with our business, we would love to hear from you! Submit your own testimonial. It is our goal that every customer receive friendly customer service on every visit from our technicians and gas station attendants. If you have questions, contact us today or call us directly at 703-777-7651.

Eddie was great! Eddie’s greatest strengths are his helpfulness, honesty, and technical capability. I will continue giving Shell my auto repair business while people like Eddie are still there! There are many stories I can share. One story – Eddie came out to my house to help start my Honda Accord! It shows Eddie’s level of commitment to customer service.

Happy Honda Owner

I moved to Leesburg on November 30 of this year and planned to take my car to Leesburg Plaza Shell for services and repairs, for I remembered the quality service received in 2008. Some weeks before moving, my 97 Honda was diagnosed with a leaking water pump. This meant replacement of the timing belt as well. So I decided to get a second opinion. Soon after the move, the radiator overheated. Rather than choose the nearest service, I refilled the radiator and traveled fifteen miles to Leesburg where Eddie Crist assessed the problem: no evidence of a leaking water pump; radiator and hose leak are the culprits. Eddie Crist is a highly qualified, experienced and complete mechanic. He is a straight-shooter and fine human being. When I need car repair and service, I will choose Eddie Crist and the people at Leesburg Plaza Shell.

John Hayes

My daughter in law ran out of gas near your station, during our recent snow storm, and was crying. The nearby station would not let me provide my credit card number over the phone. I called you and you would have been able to do that for us. It turned out that a kind customer in the other station showed his Christmas cheer and paid for her gas. But, you were willing to and we REALLY appreciated it. Thanks and happy holidays.


I want to take this opportunity to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Plaza Shell and Eddie for the OUTSTANDING service provided to me every time I have brought my car in for maintenance. A dear friend of mine who is a mechanic, but lives too far away for me to use, highly recommended Plaza Shell and Eddie as a business and professional I can always TRUST to do a bumper to bumper 60,000 mile check. I called the dealer and asked what they charged for this service. I was told there was an initial $500.00 fee to completely check the car over and any required repairs would be additional charges based on the services provided. Immediately I called and talked with Eddie to find out what Plaza Shell would charge for the same service. I was totally blown away when Eddie told me there was no charge for completely checking the car over; I would only be charged for any repairs needed. I questioned him again because I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly only for him to repeat himself. By using Plaza Shell for this service I immediately saved $500.00 and Eddie hadn’t even started the work on my car. After checking the car over completely Eddie called me to discuss what he found. There were only two repairs he recommended saying the car was in exceptional condition. I asked Eddie to do the repairs and I also told him to add freon to my air conditioning unit. After making the repairs he called me once again to let me know my car was ready for pick up. He also said he did not add the freon due to the fact there was still 15% left. Once again Eddie pleasantly surprised me by his HONESTY. He could have increased the charges on my bill by just adding the freon because I had requested it, but instead he chose to minimize the cost to me. Also, I have never had to return with my car for Eddie to repeat a repair due to poor service. The job has always been done completely and correctly the first time. Eddie is a real professional never taking shortcuts or providing shabby service. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to know I have a place to take my car where I do not have to worry about being ripped off, which unfortunately happens all to often in our society today. Plaza Shell and Eddie have given me the peace of mind knowing I will always be taken care of with 100% satisfaction and fairness. Please give Eddie my sincere appreciation for his service and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there not only for me, but for our community as a whole. We are blessed to have you.

Angela Wenzel

I want to take a moment to formally thank you for the time and effort you spent helping my husband and I with our car repairs. The experience we had working with you was different than any other we’ve had in a long time! We came to you as we had heard through the community you are not only an expert in your field but also an honest person who doesn’t take advantage of the customer. My husband and I found this to be very true. You were courteous, professional and thorough in diagnosing the problem with our car. It was so refreshing to know we were getting an honest assessment of our car instead of being presented with unnecessary repairs. We appreciated your communication with us while you completed the work, and that you didn’t overcharge us for what needed to be done.

We will continue to bring all of our car maintenance and repairs to you instead of taking our business anywhere else. We will spread the word about our positive experience and encourage our friends to bring their business to you as well. You are truly an asset to the Shell station and we feel fortunate to have found you!

Julie Turner

This letter is in regards to your mechanic, Eddie, and his outstanding work. I cannot thank him enough for the time, patience, and effort he gave while figuring out the problem with my Honda Civic.

I had originally taken my car somewhere else and was quoted what I thought a reasonable price. When I went to take the car in for the scheduled work, they told me it would be double what they originally told me. After talking with co-workers, friends, and people in the area, all had said that Eddie at the Shell station off East market St. came highly recommended. After speaking with Eddie over the phone, he had me bring in my car less than 24 hours later. He took the time to explain the problem with my vehicle and what he did to fix it. He had my car fixed by lunchtime that same day!

Again, I would like to reiterate how happy I am with his work. It is difficult to find a mechanic who is fair and trustworthy. I will recommend all my friends and family to him for their car troubles.

Lauren Janish

I wanted to put in writing how pleased I have been with one of your employees, Eddie Crist, and the service he has provided.
My family and I moved to Leesburg about 18 months ago. In the initial process of trying to find a place to have my cars inspected, I stumbled across your Shell station in Leesburg. I was happy with the service on that first visit and so continued to bring my cars back there for oil changes, as well. This is when I met Eddie.

Several months ago, I went in for my regular 3,000-mile oil change, but Eddie was not available to service my car. I had a hectic schedule that week, so I decided to just go to one of those quick lube franchises.

When the next 3,000 miles rolled around, I went to see Eddie. While I was waiting, came out and showed me my oil plug. He said it was not the OEM plug. He showed me that the quick lube shop stripped the old plug and replaced it with a larger, self-tapping plug. Obviously, I was upset at what had occurred without my knowledge.

It is hard to find people today, like Eddie, who take pride in their work, who are professionals at what they do, and who treat their customers as they would like to be treated themselves. I really feel good about bringing my cars to Eddie and will never take them any place else. I know that I can trust him.

Ethan Klass

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding work and integrity of one your employees, Eddie Crist. He has diligently taken care of my Mustang Cobra and it is running as find as the day I first bought it. He gave it a thorough tune-up doing things such as:

Replacing the plugs
Replacing the air cleaner filter
Replacing the PVC valve
Changing the rear axle lubricant
Changing the oil and filter
Inspecting drive belts, cooling system, hoses, clamps, etc
Adjusting the clutch

He has also replaced the brakes and did so at a fair price. The car is running great!

I trust him because he does good work and he is honest. Recently, I went to Costco to get a nail removed from the tire of my other car and to have a patch put on my tire (I should have gone to Eddie first). The man there said he couldn’t put in a plug because it was too close to the side and I would need a new tire. He then informed me that I would need a (more expensive) higher rated tire (the tire with the nail was H-rated, which is the same type of tire that came with the car when initially purchased). He said I would also need the same type of higher rated tire for the other side. This all sounded dubious so I checked with Eddie. Eddie was able to fix the tire with a plug at minimal cost.

Mike Furukawa

This is a note to say thank you for taking such good care of our family cars! Your service is always outstanding! You are always so pleasant, efficient and your follow-up always keeps me coming back.

Recently I was at your station for an oil and filter change after discovering a coupon I had from your place from a previous visit. Even though the coupon had been expired a few days, you still honored it (I won’t tell the other patrons!) and for that, I am most appreciative! It is especially appreciated in these economic down times.

My mother recently moved in with me and has asked where she can take her car for maintenance and service. I told her the ONLY place to go is Plaza Shell because of Eddie and the wonderful, smiling girls at the counter.

Thanking you for your wonderful service,

Julie Hairston

This Shell Station is the best! Customer service is their motto, and they all live up to it!

Eddie: Honest, hard-working, and honest!

Scott: Wow! Went out of his way to shuttle my 75-year-old mother and I far out of his way!

Shayla, John, Danny: Great customer service!

Eddie is the most honest mechanic! I recently had an issue that seemed dire; I called the Shell station in Leesburg and asked to speak with Eddie. He was able to fit me in to assess the situation. Not only did he quickly address the problem (it was dire), he honestly told me my options which included an estimate to correct the problem, and took it upon himself, to call rental car companies on my behalf. There were no rental cars to be had, so Eddie asked his manager to give us a lift. Wow! He couldn’t promise to do the job overnight but gave us a reasonable time frame, and lo-and-behold…it was done the next day, at a price less than the quote, and done right! Thanks, Eddie! As always…You’re the BEST!

Scott: General Manager…Wow, you really do know how to pick ’em! Your staff is accommodating, pleasant, and welcoming. They are always respectful when addressing customers and the office has a “well-oiled-machine” feel to it. Nicely done!

The rest of the staff: Thank you for making each trip into the station a pleasant experience. Your patience and sensitivity is appreciated!

Again…thank to all of you.

Donna Parker

Just wanted to take a moment and let you know about the service I received from Eddie, your technician. I have brought my car to you twice in the past 3-5 months and Eddie has assisted me with the repairs. I was taking my car to Goodyear in Leesburg but found after 1 or 2 times that they were overcharging me and repairing unnecessary items. Since bringing my car to Eddie I have received incredible service and consideration. I actually am in retail management and know how rare it is to still receive impeccable service. Eddie has been great in the way he explains problems and does not fix anything without asking the customer. He is very knowledgeable and patient. Please let him know that I am very much satisfied with your station and will be bringing my cars there from now on.

Nick Khorana

This letter is to inform you why I will use your repair facility from now on.

I own a 1999 Nissan Maxima GLE on which the starter broke while in the safe parking lot on a Sunday evening. I called AAA to tow the car, I also called my daughter to bring me home. My mechanic had moved to Winchester and my daughter stated that her neighbor had used Eddie at the Shell station and found him to be fair and reliable and stood behind his work, so I had the car towed to your facility. His work was performed on time and within the estimate.

Two weeks later my left front tire had a flat. I had the tire replaced, at that time the service manager advised that I needed brake pads so I set up an appointment for the next day. I went home and found a coupon for that facility that offered a $99.95 special on a brake job, now I wasn’t born yesterday and expected some additional costs, however, I was truly amazed to get an estimate for $458.95. To make a long short I went back to Eddie he not only fixed my car for less than half but called and said I did not need rotors.

The point of this missive is that word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get, and you are getting it by way of Eddie.

Demetri Suk